Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Build Breaker!

One of the most noticeable features of the team room I work in is the traffic light which reports the status of our Continuous Integration builds. We really like it when the light is green. However, what happens when one of the builds is broken and the light is red? You can immediately tell there is a problem, but don't have any visual cue that anyone is working to fix it.
At past jobs, I've seen a highly-visible token of some sort used for this purpose, developers working on a critical fix would put something on their desk to indicate that someone is working on the problem.
On Monday, our scrum master presented the team with the best token I've seen to date; I'll let the picture of it speak for itself.
100_0200 (Small)
Congratulations, Phil - for being the first bearer of our stylish build-break hat!

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