Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Hate Lotus Notes: Inserting Hyperlinks into an Email

I am a software developer. I should be your perfect user use case: someone who understands how difficult it is to make software which pleases everyone, and am usually willing to cut other developers a little slack when things don't work exactly the way I would like them to. Developing software is hard!

That being said: this is 2009 A.D. Why can't I easily find a way with the Notes version 8.5 to highlight a block of text and insert a hyperlink behind it? You know, so the text would look like this, instead of like this: I don't think hyperlinks are going away, guys: let's give it a shot.

By the way, Google even fails when trying to help answer this question. Here's the top result of the search "Lotus Notes insert hyperlink".

By the way, Notes UI developers: note how nice that formatted hyperlink looks? If you had to email the same link using Lotus Notes, here's how it would look: Much nicer, don't you think?

In case you're wondering, the post (dated 2008) ensures me the answer to how to do this in Lotus Notes is "coming soon!"

UPDATE: Thanks to Andrew for posting a comment which taught me what the Lotus Notes User Experience Gurus have chosen to name a hyperlink - they call it a Hot Spot! That led me to this post which teaches you everything you need to know about inserting formatted hyperlinks into your Lotus Notes email - including the fact that in order for your Link Hotspot to look like a hyperlink, you need to select the text after inserting the link hotspot and choose to underline the text.


Unknown said...

That bugs the heck out of me, too. You can create hyperlinks for text, but it's not as convenient as it is in most other applications (e.g., by clicking Ctrl+K. The trick is to create a "Hot spot" as it's called in Notes.

Ian Goodsell said...

Thanks to Andrew for teaching me the name the Lotus Notes UI team came up with for hyperlink -- of course, it's a HOTSPOT!

It's so easy! Select your text, press 'Alt-C-H-L' and voila!

Ian Goodsell said...

And then, if you want it to actually look like a hyperlink, you need to select the text after you insert the HOTSPOT, and then choose to underline it!

Oh, Lotus UI engineers, you are brilliant indeed.

PJK said...

As of version 8.x, you can select text and do "Create\Hyperlink..."