Thursday, August 25, 2005

A little about me


I'm Ian Goodsell, currently a software developer for BAE Systems. I formerly worked for Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems, where I found my passion for code generation and Domain Specific Languages. Before this, I was one of the developers for DevPartner Security Checker (an award-winning ASP.NET security analysis tool produced by Compuware) and a DevPartner Studio developer working on Performance, Coverage, and Memory Analysis tools. I began my software career working in Technical Support and Quality Assurance for BoundsChecker prior to moving into a development role. I've also acted as a CMM auditor, presented at a number of international conferences on code generation best practices, conducted a webcast on code quality, and spent a considerable amount of time on teams that created CMMI and Business Continuity processes.

Prior to my life in software:
  • I was a product manager at The Danbury Mint, where I was part of a team which developed and marketed die-cast truck replicas. Note: this is the best cocktail party job you will ever have. My experience was that everyone wanted to hear more about what I did for a living. In a nutshell, I was paid to create and play with models. When I was growing up, I loved building and playing with models. (I didn't tell my manager, but the kid in me would have paid them for that job). Do what you love, and you'll love what you do.
  • I was a sales representative for a consulting firm which sold jury research services to trial attorneys in Manhattan. This was incredibly challenging on a number of levels, especially getting someone who charges his clients in 15-minute increments to talk to you for more than 30 seconds.
  • I worked for a number of years in college as a conference producer. Kids, this is a great college job since you get paid to travel all over the country. Thanks to that experience, I eventually ended up in the Boston area as a marketing manager for a firm which produced trade shows for the health care industry.
But enough about work.
I've worked with Tom Silva repairing walls in my kitchen on Ask This Old House, left a number of large divots on the 14-17th fairways at Pebble Beach (sorry about that), built a french drain in the middle of a heat wave, lucked into tickets for game 5 of the 2004 Red Sox-Yankees ALCS, and built my own digital video recorder using an old Pentium 4 that is the envy of all my friends. I rooted for the New England Patriots when they were 1-15, and believe Pat's Steaks are the best in Philly. I also love being a dad.
I've really enjoyed blogging these past couple of years. I always welcome feedback, so keep those comments coming!