Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Visual Studio TFS: Why no keyboard shortcut to view the Source Control Explorer?

In case you were looking for a keyboard shortcut to bring up the Source Control Explorer in Team Foundation Server, stop now: there isn't one mapped by default.

Here's how to set one so there will be one less thing you need to touch your stinking mouse for:

  1. In Visual Studio, select Tools Options. Select Environment Keyboard.
  2. In "Show commands containing", enter View.TfsSourceControlExplorer.
  3. Map this to whatever keyboard command you want! If you want this command to be available anywhere in VS, make sure "Use new shortcut in" is set to Global. I mapped this to Ctrl+F8, which surprisingly was not mapped to anything.
  4. I then mapped View.TfsPendingChanges to Ctrl+Shift+F8.

I have to give a shout out to the free SlickEdit Gadgets addin, which has a Command Spy window which made it very easy to find which commands I needed to map.


Nicolas said...

Love this artile :)

Deepak raj said...

thanks for the telling "view.tfsSource...".. i was keep searching for "view.sour" and just "sourcesontr..".. was not coming up! :).. another thanks for the ctrl+f8 tip...

BC said...

You are the man this was driving me nuts... Set VS to both your suggestions.