Wednesday, December 09, 2009

For those of us who made it to the office today…

It was a messy, snowy, good old-fashioned New England commute this morning. The kind your dad wouldn’t have thought twice about going into work in, but somehow everyone today can send a ‘working from home’ email and stay home.

Fred (who drove to the office from New Hampshire) and I were kicking around the idea of sending this message, but decided against it.

From: Ian Goodsell

To: Software Team

Subject: Working from the office today

Since I chose to live and work in Massachusetts and know how to drive in the snow, I’ll be working in my cube today. If you need anything, you can reach me in my office.

1 comment: said...

"but somehow everyone"
You need to adjust this sentence to read "somehow many." In a 2006 study there were 1,937,000 people in the US employed as Computer Scientists, Computer Engineers, and Systems Analysts, 697,000 as Programmers for a total 2,634,000. Hardly "everyone."
Most of us still need to get in the car, bus or train and get there.