Friday, January 02, 2009

Renaissance Man

My day today:

7-9am: playing Legos with Paige. Sadly, Legoland burned to the ground because the fireboat was in pieces. All Lego citizens were safely evacuated to the couch.

11am-5pm: Matt and I build an overhang over my basement door to protect us from the deadly 7 foot icicles which form at the roofline three stories up. This included the required trip to the Depot.

5:30-7:15pm: Team meeting for the final project of the grad. class I'm taking. Planned out the XML schema for our designer.

7:30-8pm: Read fairy stories to Paige for bedtime.

8:30-9pm: Mixed up the batter for a coffee cake we're bringing to brunch tomorrow; put it in the oven.

9-10pm: Cleaned up the basement from the construction project, do the dishes, take the coffee cake out of the oven to cool.

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