Monday, February 04, 2008

Mothers, Don't Let Your Babies Grow up to be Sports Fans

Today's Forecast: Gloomy and depressing. No one is getting any work done today. All of the recent success that the Patriots have had these last few years made me forget how much it hurts to lose a big game. As I lay in bed last night not able to sleep, I had a couple of thoughts:

  1. Where was the Pat's offensive line last night? Are the Giants just that good?
  2. This was the first time in the Brady era where the Pats score the go-ahead touchdown with less than 3 minutes left in the game and I felt there was too much time left on the clock.
  3. Second game in a row where the cameras panned to Brady sulking on the sideline. Where was the kid who got so pumped up his team followed him anywhere?
  4. How the heck did Eli not get sacked on that last drive, and make a 40 yard completion to David Tyree who caught it with his helmet? 9 times out of 10, either Eli goes down or the pass doesn't get caught, and game over.
  5. We're now going to be subjected to commercials featuring the Manning brothers for the next ten years. As my friend Craig says, time to find another sport to watch, like curling.
  6. It's a lot easier to ignore all of the Spygate garbage when your team is undefeated. Today it's not as much fun.

But wow, what a game, it just turned out a little wrong. Congratulations, Giants.

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KSL said...

Too late.

I grew up loving the Giants and that means, I also grew up watching them lose over and over again. I learned to deal with disappointment and to invent enough hope to convince myself they could win the next game. (of course I was a Red Sox fan too, so I learned to generate a lot of hope. :o)

As an adult I've loved the Pats and the Giants. The Pats are the only team my daughter roots for. She loves "her" Pats. She loves "her" Red Sox (the ones that win, not "my" Red Sox the ones that didn't).

She doesn't ever remember feeling like this in her life time. "Her" Pats don't lose. It never, not for a moment, crossed her mind that they could.

I'm choosing to look at it all as a character building experience. And as much as the Manning boys really, really bug me, the kid kept his head, Tyree used his, and my daughter might have to use hers and work up some "hope" this fall.