Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Inner Circle is a great Facebook application

I am lucky enough to know the developers of a new Facebook application called Inner Circle. This is a great utility that has quickly moved to the top position on my Facebook Applications list.

At first glance, Inner Circle gives you the ability to organize your friends into groups. This is a simple and useful feature that should have been a part of Facebook from the beginning.

Beyond organization, you'll find that Inner Circle adds two features that will completely change how you interact with Facebook: the ability to reply to a friend's status message, and "Shouting" to members of a circle.

  • The ability to "reply" to a status message has been my absolute favorite feature. I was laid off earlier this year and one of things I missed the most was the daily banter with members of my team. I admit it, I completely missed the constant mocking. Inner Circle has given me the ability to come home and participate in a mock-fest with my former team - dishing it out and taking it too. Encourage a couple of your friends to install this and you'll see these threads often turn into conversations that have a life of their own. It's a lot of fun.
  • "Shouting" is another great way of communicating with other friends who have Inner Circle installed - good for a quick question or to broadcast some news. Are you surprised that Francona has Gagne warming up in the bullpen? Shout it out!
In addition to this, you can configure the Inner Circle to automatically update whenever you update your blog, digg an article, post a video on YouTube, etc. Basically, anything with an RSS feed can work with Inner Circle.

I've found that Inner Circle gives Facebook a completely different feel. You now have a centralized location to organize and communicate with people you want to stay in touch with, and this encourages me to log into Facebook more often than I probably would without it.

Get it here!

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