Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Stripping Paint

It looks like my blog is turning into a home improvement blog lately. I suppose that this is because I've been interviewing rather than coding. At any rate, my mom informed me of another really neat product which worked pretty much exactly as advertised. It's a paint stripper called GAL Ready Strip Remover, and it's supposed to be environmentally friendly. I used this to peel off about seven (honestly) layers of paint off of some drawers in my pantry, which was preventing them from closing properly.

Basically, GAL comes in a 1-gallon bucket. You open it and there it is, a blue sticky chemical soup that's colored somewhere between robin's egg blue and teal. You brush it on the area you want to strip and then go off and wait for it to dry. In my case, I waited over a day for some portions to dry since there were so many layers of paint. When it did finally dry, you take a scraper to your now-removed paint.

I am always surprised when a new product behaves exactly like it does on the 2AM informercial. I give GAL Ready Strip the Goodsell seal of approval!

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