Thursday, March 08, 2007

SlickEdit Gadgets for Visual Studio 2005

I just had a chance to install SlickEdit Gadgets, a free Visual Studio 2005 add-in brought to you by the developers who created my favorite editor, SlickEdit. This is a really great set of utilities! Some of my favorites:

File Explorer: Displays an explorer window as a tab in VS2005. This is pretty handy when you're opening a lot of files.
Command Spy: This tool window shows you the keyboard binding for the menu item or toolbar button you just selected, helping you to learn how to work faster in the IDE.
Editor Gadgets: You can have your current line highlighted with what they call a line ruler. I like the effect. There are a number of other visualization aids in this tool too.

There are a couple of more utilities, but you get the idea; and you can't beat the price. There wasn't even any registration required.