Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Windows Live Writer ROCKS

So I know this has been beaten to death on a lot of other blogs, but I am really enjoying Windows Live Writer beta 1 (info and link to download here). This is my first experience with this sort of application; I've done all of my posting to date using the web interface. It's a very polished application for a beta, I haven't had any problems with this yet.

My initial experiences:

  1. WLW is extremely easy to configure. I had zero problems configuring WLW to post to my Blogger account. The configuration wizard defaults to Windows Live Spaces, but WLW supports all of the major blog engines, such as Community Server.
  2. I like the ability to save draft posts locally. Much better than Notepad, which I had been using previously. ;)
  3. Editing in the Web Layout view does a very good job of capturing what your post will look like on your blog. You can then switch to a nifty Web Preview view to see how the post looks with all of your other content.
  4. The fact that it spell checks my posts is worth never using the web interface again, in my opinion.

Best of all, it's free! So what are you waiting for?